Professional Drapery Cleaning Services

Drapes have an important role to play in your home. They help to shape and create the atmosphere of any given space. They can also alter the look and feel of a room through different colors and textures. In addition to the interior design benefits, there are also the benefits of added security and protection. Drapes prevent any prying eyes from seeing into your home as well, providing control over when and how often the outside world is visible from the inside.

You likely open and close your drapes daily without giving much thought to the unseen pollutants and allergens that collect on the surface of your drapes. These allergens and dander can affect the quality of the air within your home, which is why it is so beneficial to clean your drapes.

Drapes can be expensive and are often created with a variety of different fabrics. When it comes to proper cleaning, you want to make sure the right techniques and procedures are followed to prevent any unwanted damage to your drapes.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Drapes?

You might not think about cleaning your drapes like you would clothing or blankets, but drapes can also benefit from a good cleaning periodically.

Drapes can be misleading in that they can appear clean but still harbor a significant number of allergens, airborne pollutants, and dust. Drapes can also be a great area for pet hair to cling to and build up. Without proper cleaning, your drapes can also start to fade or become discolored over time.

Why Should I Have My Drapes Professionally Cleaned?

Drapes come in a variety of fabrics and textures that all require different cleaning techniques. If you are unsure of the best cleaning process for your drapes, you could potentially cause significant damage that could ruin your drapes. Some drapes are safe for regular washing, while others need dry cleaning or other professional services. Improper cleaning could also cause color bleeding or shrinkage, which can affect the fit and look of your drapes when they are ready to be hung. Certain elegant drapes have embellishments that are too delicate for regular cleaning methods. When you want a complete clean and peace of mind, trusting in a professional is your best option.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Even outdoor pollen can enter your home and cling to the surface of your drapes. Regular touching of your drapes can also lead to oil residue which further attracts pollutants to the surface of the fabric. These collected pollutants can worsen health problems such as asthma or allergy symptoms. Trusting a professional cleaning company ensures your drapes will be free of the pollen, dander, and dust that can create these health problems.

Call the Experts

If you are looking for a quality company that can provide professional drape cleaning services, you can rely on Prestigious Carpet Care. Having your drapes cleaned can improve your overall health, as well as the appearance of your drapes. Contact us today to learn more about our drape cleaning services or to schedule your next service.