Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Your mattress provides support and comfort that helps to improve your waking hours, and you spend a lot of time resting and sleeping in your bed. However, you might not think about how often the mattress itself should be deep cleaned. Your mattress has an important role to play when it comes to air quality and your overall health.

The professionals at Prestigious Carpet Care can help improve the air quality in your home, remove dust and other particles, and improve your health and comfort when it comes to your mattress. Even with the regular use of sheets, your mattress can still become stained and experience a buildup of oils and bacterias over time. Our professional mattress cleaning services can help you sleep better and extend the life of your mattress.

Why Should You Have Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned?

There are several benefits to having your mattress professionally cleaned. The frequency of cleaning may rely on different factors such as if you use a mattress cover, if you continuously use sheets, and how often the mattress is utilized. You may need more consistent cleaning if you let your animals on the bed. Store-bought mattress cleaners and sprays can help keep the surface of your mattress clean, but professional services are the best way to ensure you have the cleanest mattress possible. Benefits of professional cleaning include:

  • Better air quality. To improve the air quality in your home in general, you likely rely on air purifiers that require filter changes to ensure the air quality stays consistently good. Deep cleaning your mattress is a similar process. Having your mattress professionally cleaned ensures your mattress is cleared of numerous different pollutants using the right tools and equipment.
  • Better sleep. You deserve a good night’s rest. This is essential for your mental and physical health. Your mattress can trap dust mites and other microscopic particles that can all create or worsen health concerns. If your mattress hasn’t been cleaned, you could be breathing in all these irritants consistently for six to eight hours a night. This can lead to health problems such as respiratory issues, insomnia, and an affected immune system. If you aren’t getting the peaceful sleep you need, your mattress could be to blame.
  • Extends mattress life. A new mattress is a serious financial investment. You should be able to rely on your mattress for years to come. Professional cleaning is a great way to protect your investment because it removes harmful dust and other pollutants that could affect the quality of your mattress and your sleep. Professional cleaning also ensures the delicate fibers of your mattress aren’t damaged. This is a great way to enjoy your current mattress for years to come.

Give Us a Call for Mattress Cleaning You Can Count On

No matter the age of your mattress, you’ll be amazed at what deep cleaning can do for you. At Prestigious Carpet Care, your health and comfort are our top priority. We can provide expert cleaning for any type of mattress. Contact us to learn more about our mattress cleaning services.